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  • The customer was having trouble with instances of accidentally filling containers with the wrong type of oil.
  • This resulted in product quality difficulties, consumer complaints, and increased disposal expenses.
  • They lacked a comprehensive validation mechanism to avoid incorrect oil filling.
  • Xtrakt™ Mini developed a thorough process flow that effectively prevented the wrong type of oil from being put into the wrong type of container.
  • This comprehensive process validation system avoided the possibility of incorrect filling by ensuring that only the appropriate oil was used for each container.
  • Production planning became more effective and predictable.
  • The solution included scanning technology to guarantee that the correct oil was used for each container, reducing costly mistakes and waste.
  • The customer greatly decreased the consequent manufacturing of faulty goods by using machine interlock.
  • The user-friendly interface of the Xtrakt™ Mini expedited processes, making it easy for operators to ensure the correct oil was utilized for each container