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  • Weighing Scale Data Integration with ERP: a pressing concern
  • Manual Data Entry Errors: a constant source of worry
  • Real-Time Data Unavailability: a lack of immediate corrective action
  • Need for eliminating deviations in precise weighing of material
  • Xtrakt™ WDM flawlessly records and traces every input raw material, ensuring full traceability throughout the production process.
  • Precision is non-negotiable, and our solution guarantees exact capture of the quantity of materials used in each production run.
  • A digital time stamp for every activity created a clear chronological record of their operations.
  • Digital Data Recording with Real-Time Validation.
  • Immediate Label Printing After Activity Completion.
  • Xtrakt™ WDM, streamlines the production planning with real-time data access, allowing for immediate adjustments and smarter decision-making.
  • Eliminates human error by scanning and digitizing data, improving data accuracy and compliance.
  • Ensures precision & accuracy in weighing at every step of the manufacturing process.
  • Simplifies operations with an intuitive interface that reduces the learning curve and enhances overall efficiency.