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A.S. Viswanathan

With a career spanning almost forty years, A.S. Viswanathan is well-known for his leadership abilities, prestigious board memberships, and international responsibilities. He founded Team ASV Consultants in 2012, which is a well-known management and IT consulting company with a focus on business transformation, manufacturing intelligence, Industry 4.0, leadership development, and management advisory services.

Viswanathan was instrumental in determining Siemens Ltd.'s course, utilizing his broad knowledge in a variety of fields, including corporate re-engineering, strategic planning, and industrial engineering. Among his efforts was the extension of Siemens Information Systems Limited's global reach, with an emphasis on enterprise systems and services. He oversaw the worldwide Transportation & Logistics vertical at Siemens IT Solutions and Services, showcasing his expertise in a variety of fields such as manufacturing, media & entertainment, pharmaceuticals, and airports.

He provides company transformation and shareholder value optimization strategy advice to boards, CEOs, and executive management teams. He is well-known in the business for his ability to develop relationships and mentor and advise other companies. He serves on the boards of several Indian and multinational businesses.

Viswanathan, a well-known speaker at industry events, has occupied a number of important roles, including Chairman of the SAP Partner Advisory Board. The fact that he is an active member of the Indo German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) demonstrates his dedication to promoting global trade. Viswanathan, who holds a master's degree in industrial engineering and is an electrical engineering graduate, is a valuable asset to Team ASV Consultants.

Head – Strategy & Marketing

Kusum Parwani

Kusum Parwani is an accomplished professional with a wealth of international experience in the finance and IT domains. She began working with Siemens in 1995 and was instrumental in the creation of a worldwide media vertical, which greatly aided in the growth of the business. After taking a break to pursue postgraduate education, Kusum joined the Credit Policy division at Moody's Investors Service as a Vice President. She demonstrated her mastery of the complexities of financial analysis in her role, which involved overseeing credit risk and default-related analytics.

Kusum began working with QRL Group in 2012. She demonstrated her dedication to operational excellence by focusing her efforts on improving the company's execution methods. Kusum Parwani, who holds an MBA from Cornell University and a B.E. in computer science from Bombay University, is a valued asset at the nexus of IT and finance because she blends academic rigor with real-world industrial expertise.

Head - Technology and Development

Amol Punyarthi

An exceptionally imaginative and technologically astute professional, Amol started his career with the Siemens Process Automation group, commonly known as the "International Engineering Factory." This specialized staff is solely in charge of managing foreign projects for Siemens USA and Siemens Germany. Over the course of the previous eight years, working on a variety of projects connected to OEM design for manufacturing, machine automation, and process automation, he has acquired invaluable first-hand expertise.

His broad knowledge of automation covers a wide range of sectors, including paint, brewing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, and upstream and downstream steel industries. Amol is involved in many aspects of automation, including ERP systems and sensors. He is now actively working on initiatives in the well-established field of industrial automation that aim to provide digital enablement through IoT.