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From strategic planning to execution, we integrate a range of expertise and services to drive your business forward.

  • Management Advisory
  • System Integration
  • Manufacturing Intelligence

Our proven history of integrating strategy, design, and technical expertise guarantees the quick transformation of your IoT project from concept to reality.

Management Advisory

We support clients in building their IT strategy, determined to encourage and optimize their investments in Information Technology.

As a Management Consulting firm specializing in Management Advisory services and Manufacturing Intelligence products and services, we control the expansive global network of Team ASV. Our focus is on guiding you to determine crucial elements for better performance. We improve business processes and implement creative frameworks.

  • Establishment of New Businesses
  • Business Turnaround
  • Processes Fit for the Future
  • Program Management
  • Advisory Services in IT (ERP, eCommerce, Business Analytics)
  • Digital Transformation

System Integration:

In the age of digital advancement, businesses massively depend on interconnected systems, and the skill of systems integration is the gateway to unleashing their full capabilities. Whether it’s a greenfield or brownfield scenario, we have the proficiency to integrate your dispersed and isolated devices, equipment, PLCs, etc., unlocking the latent potential of connected intelligence!

Come along as we dive into the categories, advantages, implementations, and standard approaches to systems integration. Explore the strategies for achieving a balanced and connected IT ecosystem.

We manage diagnostic and feasibility studies to leverage the potential of your diverse data sources. Our aim is to develop a roadmap for digital enablement, transformation, and management, highlighting a challenging perspective on productivity improvement, including:

  • Capacity Utilization
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturing Intelligence

Create a strong foundation for informed decision-making using Xtrakt™.
Xtrakt™ provides extensive visibility into every process. Our specialized manufacturing logic grants you to analyze data from numerous perspectives, enabling thorough insights.

Learn how to efficiently respond to challenges or opportunities with increased ease and expertise. Utilize real-time information to promote intelligent decision-making throughout your extended enterprise.