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  • The customer found it difficult to follow the progress of their production due to a lack of real-time data and insights into their manufacturing operations created uncertainty.
  • The customer wanted to eliminate unnecessary downtime and needed a solution to treat the fundamental causes of unavailability.
  • Xtrakt™ monitored the actual cycle time against the SKU linked with the login event in real time.
  • This real-time tracking enabled accurate monitoring of the time required for each production cycle.
  • If the time between the previous production event and the expected cycle period exceeded the expected cycle time, Xtrakt™ placed the station in an unreasoned downtime mode and interlocked the station, forcing the operator to specify the reason for downtime.
  • After the operator supplied the reason for the downtime, the station’s interlock was removed, allowing the operator to restart production.
  • When the station resumed production, Xtrakt™ switched it back to production mode, guaranteeing minimum disturbance and an efficient workflow.
  • Real-time data and tracking enabled for more efficient planning and resource allocation.
  • The use of barcode scanning and automation reduced mistakes and improved data accuracy.
  • The ability to use machine interlock meant that the counting and packing processes ran smoothly, lowering the possibility of mistakes and anomalies.
  • A user-friendly interface streamlined operations, allowing operators to more precisely oversee the counting and packing processes.
  • The capacity to collect and document downtime reasons is the system’s primary value. This essential information enables you to do root cause analysis, make data-driven choices, and implement targeted solutions to decrease or avoid future downtime issues.