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  • Our customer was experiencing various issues with their electroplating operations that were affecting their production quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • By decreasing manual interventions, the customer hoped to simplify their electroplating operations.
  • It was necessary to ensure that the correct kind of plating was used for each SKU.
  • Inadvertent mismatches resulted in product problems and consumer displeasure.
  • It was difficult to determine the exact thickness of plating applied on each SKU following the plating procedure.
  • Meeting quality requirements required accurate thickness.
  • With an accuracy of 1 mA, Xtrakt™ Compact implementation digitally tracked the entire current travelled through the metal electrode. This thorough surveillance verified that the electroplating procedure satisfied all of the requirements.
  • Xtrakt™ Compact supplied the management team with a dashboard that allowed them to see the percentage usage of each station in real time. This degree of control enabled them to better manage the raw material supply chain.
  • Xtrakt™ Compact incorporated plating validation by preventing the operator from starting electroplating if the work card scanned did not match the kind of electroplating solution.
  • The approach enables voltage-based electroplating to start and stop in sub-seconds, assuring accuracy and lowering the chance of mistakes.
  • Accidental electroplating mix-ups were prevented, improving product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Each batch was time-stamped, allowing for a comprehensive record of production timings and improved process control.
  • Xtrakt™ Compact included a low concentration interlock to reduce the danger of utilizing plating solutions that did not satisfy the specified criteria.
  • By comparing actual current to desired current, the customer could guarantee that the plating thickness fulfilled quality standards