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  • Our customer experienced many storage-related difficulties that impacted safety, efficiency, and space use.
  • They needed a solution to improve the security of their storage procedures in order to safeguard both staff and precious inventory.
  • They wanted to decrease the human interventions in their storage operations.
  • The customer was looking for a way to optimize their storage space within the constraints of the existing floor space.
  • Storage usage efficiency was critical for cost reductions and resource optimization.
  • Team ASV designed the Smart Bin Low-Level Alert System to address these crucial difficulties and inject innovation into their storage systems.
  • The Smart Bin Low-Level Alert System is housed in a tough steel enclosure with a powder coat finish and tamper-resistant handle-less doors. Each storage container was uniquely recognized, and the system included interactive panels and weighing scales.
  • The system depends on Xtrakt™ software for flawless integration and operation.
  • It can also be linked to the customer’s ERP system, adding further capabilities.
  • The system improved security while simplifying storage.
  • Each container was tracked and labeled, lowering the possibility of inventory mismanagement.
  • Process automation not only boosted efficiency but also reduced the possibility of mistakes.
  • Because of its lightweight design and attached wheels, the system was simple to transport.
  • Because there are no interacting components and the design is sturdy, maintenance requirements are considerably reduced, resulting in cost savings.
  • The system ran quietly, and the doors opened rapidly when access was needed. This improved inventory retrieval efficiency