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  • Energy expenditures accounted for a significant amount of the customer’s overall operating costs.
  • There was no effective mechanism in place to monitor and track the trend of energy usage.
  • They were unable to comprehend consumption trends and make data-driven choices.
  • The customer was interested in reducing variable expenditures, notably energy usage, based on the time of day and operating requirements.
  • Xtrakt™ Mini addresses these essential difficulties and inject accuracy and efficiency into energy management.
  • Xtrakt™ Mini offers extensive and detailed energy consumption tracking.
  • This real-time data provided a clear picture of how energy was used during the production process.
  • Using Xtrakt™ Mini, the customer may optimize their energy use depending on the time of day and operating requirements.
  • This dynamic strategy helped them to cut energy expenses during off-peak hours and efficiently manage resources
  • Real-time data and insights enabled the customer to more efficiently plan and manage energy resources, optimizing their energy use and expenses.
  • Xtrakt™ integrated data on energy consumption trends to provide a comprehensive perspective of their energy usage and improved decision making.
  • The system included analytics capabilities for future optimization.