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  • Tracking Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) after the cutting process proved to be a hard and time-consuming procedure.
  • The customer was unable to monitor the progress of each SKU due to the lack of a streamlined monitoring method.
  • The customer did not have a system in place for assigning a unique identification to each SKU. This made it difficult to distinguish between SKUs and keep track of their individual development.
  • The customer’s ability to make educated decisions and respond quickly to any difficulties on the production floor was hampered by the lack of real-time data.
  • Team ASV presented a complete solution to overcome these difficulties and integrate efficiency and precision into their production processes.
  • Following the cutting process, each part is given a unique identity. This identifier is printed and pasted on each SKU, guaranteeing that each SKU can be identified and tracked.
  • The system uses barcode scanning technology to validate the current condition of SKUs in the manufacturing process. Even after the cutting process, this system enables real-time viewing and traceability.
  • Real-time data and tracking enabled for more efficient planning and resource allocation.
  • The use of barcode scanning and automation reduced mistakes and improved data accuracy.
  • A user-friendly interface streamlined operations, allowing operators to more precisely oversee the counting and packing processes.
  • Label printing enhanced the packaging process by ensuring correct SKU identification.