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  • It was difficult to forecast the number of employees who would be absent from work on any given day.
  • Unexpected absences may affect production plans and cause delays.
  • Each operator owned a distinct skill set, and it was critical to replace a competent operator with the same potential in order to preserve production quality and efficiency.
  • The customer required a solution to reduce the time it took to replace a trained operator while one was absent. Replacements that are delayed may cause production losses and disrupt delivery schedules.
  • Xtrakt™ recorded operator entry and exit timings, providing clear visibility into their attendance.
  • Operators were ranked based on the skill sets they possessed. When one operator was not present, this grading system allowed for the prompt identification of skilled substitutes.
  • The system permitted the speedy reassignment of operators with the same skill set, minimizing production delays and ensuring production quality.
  • The use of scanning technologies increased data accuracy and overall labor management efficiency.
  • Xtrakt™ delivered a shift calendar, which allowed the customer to properly organize their personnel schedules and guarantee a fair distribution of talents.
  • Because qualified replacements were readily accessible, the customer was able to develop a more dependable and efficient production plan.
  • The ability to replace missing operators quickly decreased production loss and helped the customer meet deadlines.