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  • In Pyrolysis, any rapid or uncontrolled increase in temperature & pressure can cause accidents and endanger persons and equipment.
  • It was difficult for the customer to retain real-time knowledge of the pressure within the chamber while heating. Accurate pressure monitoring is critical for process control and safety.
  • To minimize accidents and assure product quality, early identification and action in cases of deviations from the standard were critical.
  • The Xtrakt™ PDA uses a cloud server to log temperature and pressure data at 20-second intervals.
  • This data is available for real-time analytics, allowing operators to closely monitor the process.
  • The system integrates temperature and pressure sensor feedback, providing critical insights to operators and allowing them to respond quickly to any irregularities.
  • Precise process control in pyrolysis is performed by opening and shutting a solenoid valve, which is handled by Xtrakt™ PDA. This automation guarantees that the progression is safe and regulated.
  • Pyrolysis process improved significantly after using Xtrakt™ PDA.
  • Real-time data access and monitoring enabled for more efficient planning and resource allocation.
  • The use of scanning technologies reduced mistakes and increased data accuracy.
  • The ability to interlock machines ensured that the pyrolysis process ran smoothly, lowering the chance of accidents.
  • A user-friendly interface streamlined operations, making it easier for operators to precisely manage the pyrolysis process