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  • The customer required real-time data to assure the proper operation of their lighting and network infrastructure.
  • Their ability to respond quickly to difficulties and maintain the required service quality was hampered by a lack of real-time insights.
  • It was critical to monitor whether street lighting was turned on or off to guarantee effective energy consumption and prompt repair.
  • The customer required a system for monitoring light status in real-time.
  • Monitoring the inclination of lighting and infrastructure components as a result of accidents, weather conditions, or over time provided a difficulty.
  • Unauthorized access to junction boxes and infrastructure components created security and safety issues.
  • The customer sought a system that limited access to only authorized people.
  • Team ASV built a complete solution to handle these major difficulties and incorporate real-time monitoring and efficiency
  • ASV created a dashboard and reporting system to deliver real-time insights and statistics on the customer’s infrastructure.
  • The dashboard displayed data such as the number of poles in the network, the state of individual lamps, the number of meters, the breakdown of power consumption, complaints data, defect analysis, and lamp and pole age
  • The solution allowed the customer to get alerts and notifications for specific zones, allowing them to respond to issues and occurrences more quickly.
  • Having real-time visibility into their inventory, including the state of lamps and poles, enabled them to manage their inventory and arrange maintenance more efficiently.
  • The real-time monitoring system assisted the customer in avoiding needless maintenance and replacement expenditures, resulting in lower capital expenditure.
  • Using real-time data and fault analysis, the customer was able to swiftly detect and fix problems, assuring a greater level of service quality.
  • The solution lowered the total operating efforts which resulted in cost savings and enhanced productivity.